August 30, 2017                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


(Pulaski, PA)…On Monday, August 28, the GM 604 crate engine from August 26, 2017 Stateline Speedway RUSH Pro Mod Weekly Series event winner, Dennis Lunger, Jr., was inspected during a complete tear-down by RUSH Competition Director Travis Harry.  The conclusive results were that Lunger's engine rebuilt by Race 1 of Poland, Ohio met the specs per the GM Tech Manual.  With this finding, Lunger's victory was confirmed. 


From May 13 through August 26, Lunger was victorious 13 times in 18 Pro Mod starts including 11 in 14 starts at Stateline along with a win at both Old Bradford Speedway and McKean County Raceway, which raised concerns.  Earlier this season, both tire and fuel samples were also taken from Lunger.  The tire sample met the benchmark set forth by Hoosier Tire and the fuel sample met the specs set forth in the 2017 RUSH Pro Mod Fuel Rule. 


"It's our job to make sure everyone is abiding by the standards set forth in not only the RUSH rules, but most importantly the GM Tech Manual, which clearly defines the permitted parameters of a rebuilt engine," explained RUSH Co-Director Vicki Emig.  "We take the authorizing of engine rebuilders very seriously and are continually policing their work to ensure a level playing field for our competitors to preserve the integrity of our Series.  Even though drivers have the ability to file a protest, every so often there comes a time where it's in the best interest of the Series, speedways, and racers for a complete teardown of an engine to occur. This process is clearly stated in all of the RUSH technical rules packages."


Dennis Lunger, car owner Reuben Schwartz, and his crew were very cooperative from the time the engine was confiscated through the entire teardown process.  The findings will now allow Lunger and his team the ability to get back to focusing on racing.


Lunger currently leads the $3,500 to-win Sweeney Weekly Series Championship for Pro Mods.  In addition, Lunger has five victories in the RUSH Late Model division and is currently fifth in the Sweeney Weekly Series standings and fourth in the Pace Performance "Summer Chase".


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